The solution for measuring pressure, shape and motion with soft wearable sensors

Our customizable sensor patches can be combined with textiles to create smart clothing. Using deep learning algorithms, we can assess the shape and movement of the human body and measure the pressure on it. Learn more about our unique technology first applied in the footwear industry.

Who are the people
behind Capskin?

Our mission

Learn more about our team and mission to improve human performance and well-being substantially as well as to reduce waste and emissions generated by wrong purchases.

Your benefits from our innovation

Based on a novel soft sensor design Capskin sensors offer you high measurement density and adaptability to any body shape. It can be combined with textiles to create smart clothing. Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly and thus the sensors can be used outdoors in any terrain. Pressure is measured all around the body part in 3D and Capskin software analyzes and displays the captured body shape and movement using AI.

Pressure measurement
All around and in high density

Fully customizable
Ergonomic fit to any shape

Motion & shape capture
Recognizes individuality

Artificial Intelligence
Interprete and analyze data

Mobile and unobtrusive
Use it anywhere in any terrain

Insights without camera
Detect what cannot be seen

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From research to pilot projects to early adopter programs – we find the right solution for ideal collaboration. Learn more about our approach and examples from the industry.

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Read more about what’s happening at Capskin, updates on the use of our sensor technology, and the world of using technology to improve ergonomics.

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