A well-written and easy-to-understand article about the status of Capskin in April 2022 in the Handelszeitung:

When the shoe presses, it can be painful, sometimes until you can no longer walk. To stop this from happening, Capskin has developed a sock with sensors that measure the foot. This allows manufacturers to use the motion data obtained to produce shoes that fit like a glove. Various silicone layers form a dense network of capacitive sensors. Via WLAN, the information gets into a database. “In 2021, we developed our prototype in collaboration with a major shoe manufacturer, with the goal of creating the first application for shoe developers,” says Capskin CEO Wolfram Schmidt. Capskin is reportedly in talks with some of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance. Schmidt wants to launch the first marketable sock by early 2023. And it will be about two years before retailers can also measure the feet of walk-in customers in their stores. Schmidt envisions stationary shoe retailers as customers. And online retailers who want to reduce returns. Capskin is an ETH spin-off and has investments from various business angels as well as venture financiers Dart Ventures and Serpentine.

(translated from original article in German in Handelszeitung Nr. 17, 28.04.2022, page 9)