In a very interesting article in today’s NZZ about the “shoe revolution in athletics” and the progress being made in developing custom shoes for world-class athletes, we find some statements confirming that high-tech shoe development leads to drastic improvements in performance:

  • “The exchange with the athletes made it clear to the footwear developers that it does not make sense to offer a standard model for everyone. In designing the new shoes, it became clear that not everyone reacts in the same way. Some want a very hard sole, others a soft one, and athletes are always trying out new things.”
  • “The idea is to imitate the human foot, which consists of bones and tendons that create tension.”
  • “The shoe is another tool to train in a balanced way and avoid injuries.”

We believe we can help with this process by collecting data for in-depth foot-shoe analysis with our sensor sock measurement solution, which has the unique ability to measure pressure and motion simultaneously.

(partially translated from original article in German in Neue Zürcher Zeitung Nr. 163, 243. Jg., 15.07.2022, page 12;